As promised, this post will be about our second trip to Hannover (hence the Hannover Reloaded), our trip to Warburg, and the wine festival in Bad Pyrmont. All of the events detailed in this post took place in June from the 17th to 19th.

This story starts on the 17th after I finished work for the day. Since we are able to make our own hours in Germany, I front-loaded the week so that I could get off by 15:00 to head home and pack. I was able to make it to Bad Pyrmont to meet up with Dan and Julio for dinner. Once again, we were planning our weekend last-minute and had no clue what we wanted to do. The only thing we knew was how the Bahn pricing worked, with this information we were able to decide where we could go within our price limit.

I had already agreed to meet Zach Mitchell, a friend from college, the next day in Warburg. So with this information, we knew we either needed to go to somewhere within the same region or buy a schoneswochenende ticket.

With this ticket, you are able to travel anywhere in Germany from 0:00 the day you buy it to 03:00 the next morning. So naturally, we decided we would buy the Schoneswochenende ticket and leave for Hannover at midnight … yet again. However, after miserably failing the first time we attempted this, we were quite optimistic that this time would go more smoothly.

We were right, for once. The three of us were able to navigate to Hannover without any problem, make it back to the same discotec that we had gone to before, and navigate home the next morning without missing any trains. Most importantly, we were able to do this all with one ticket. Unlike the first time when we had to keep buying them.

We arrived back at Julio’s apartment at roughly 08:00 on Saturday.

The plan was to sleep for 3 hours and then catch another train to Warburg so that we could meet up with my friend Zach. Put simply, Julio didn’t wake up. So the trio became a duo and we were off for Warburg. Suprisingly, I was not too tired after only have a few hours to sleep. In the back of my mind I knew that Sunday was going to hurt, but at that time I was still thinking about Saturday. Without too much confusion, Dan and I made it to Warburg and were greeted by Zach on the platform. Instantously, we were again a trio.

As it turned out, there wasn’t much to do in Warburg on the Saturday that we arrived. Most of the shops were closed and the streets were empty. We concluded that it must have been some sort of regional holiday. However, we were able to find a Wurst Shop that was open.

At the shop, we were able to try Curry Wurst, the local beer, and french fries with Mayo. It was all scrumptious. We then made our way through the town, stopped at an icecream shop, and grabbed a six-pack for the road. We made camp at a trail that we found and were able to have riveting conversation about the Greek economy, German Health Care, and what we hoped to carry out while in Germany. It was nice to talk.

We then proceeded back to the train station so that we could all catch our trains back home. Dan and I made it back to Julio’s apartment within two hours and were greeted by a well rested Julio. He was ready for some adventure of his own, so his coaxed Dan and I to embark on yet another adventure. This time we wouldn’t be taking any trains, we were just navigating our way to the local wine festival. We walked around there for about ten minutes and then were able to find a nice white wine for only 10€ a bottle. We bought three bottles and then went back to Julio’s to relax for the rest of the night. We watched a Jim Carey movie in German and passed out for the next 12 hours. The sleep was much-needed and appreciated, even though I had slept on the floor of Julio’s apartment.

The weekend was thrilling, spontaneous, and long. I navigated back to my house on Sunday and didn’t do much of anything. I went for my run, did some laundry, and slept. It was mainly a day of rest, exactly what Sunday should be!

My next blog post will detail my 4 day trip to Berlin. It will encompass some of the people I met, the places I went, and the things I bought! Hope you enjoy reading my blogs, because I enjoy reliving them.